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Residential Program Descriptions

Mental Health Continuum of Care:
  • Unity: As part of our continuum of specialized residential mental health care, Unity is an intensive program for girls who require brief psychiatric stabilization. A two to four-month program, Unity prepares girls for a less intensive treatment setting, such as our Special Care and Bridges programs.
  • Special Care: A structured, specialty mental health program that helps adolescent girls successfully manage sub-acute psychiatric conditions so they may continue normal growth and development. Girls in this program may be treated with psychotropic medication and be under the care of a psychiatrist. Therapeutic services are intensive and highly individualized.
  • Mental Health Substance Abuse: An intensive licensed substance abuse treatment program that is designed to address a youth population that is experiencing severe emotional and behavioral instability due to a variety of psychological and psychiatric issues, in addition to having substance abuse issues.
  • Cognitive Impairment: An intensive mental health program to address girls with significant adjustment problems at home, school and in the community as a result of serious emotional disturbance or mental health issue concurrent with cognitive impairments.
  • Bridges: In this open program, our girls focus on family and community reintegration while continuing to receive psychiatric services. Girls may be referred directly to Bridges, or may be admitted as part of a step-down treatment plan from our Special Care or other programs. As with all of our mental health programs, full educational and recreational programming are included.
Intensive Trauma Recovery Program (Grace): A trauma recovery program designed to help adolescent girls cope with issues associated with abuse, neglect or exploitation. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Depression, and other serious emotional conditions are treated via individual, group, and family therapy.

Substance Abuse and Aggressive Behavior Program (Girls Care): A licensed treatment program for substance abuse and aggressive behavior. Staff are trained in the complexities of substance abuse treatment for girls. A variety of treatment modalities are used to assist girls to overcome addictive and aggressive behavior, remain substance free, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Community Re-integration (Vision): A short-term, open program that helps adolescent girls to prepare to enter independent living or return to their family or transition to an alternate community placement. When family reunification is possible, all efforts are focused toward this goal.

Good Shepherd Center: A short-term residential detention alternative program for pre-adjudicated and adjudicated adolescent girls who are referred through the Wayne County Juvenile Assessment Center. Clients are awaiting placement in an appropriate residential or community-based program.
Respite: A short-term program for youth enrolled in Wayne County Community Mental Health. The program gives the youth and her family a break from their usual routine in a safe and welcoming environment.
Please contact Vista Maria's Intake Department at 313-271-3050, extension 135 to learn more about our specialized treatment programs for girls.
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