Group/Corporate Volunteering

There are a number of options for group volunteering. We are more than happy to determine or support your group on a project that fits your needs. Please give us at least a week’s notice to plan your event. Approximately 16 to 26 girls would participate in group activities, depending on the building. Examples of group activities include:

Game Night (two hours)
UNO and other card games are a favorite among our girls, as well as classic board games like Sorry! and Trouble. Game nights provide great fun, friendly competition and promotes teamwork.

Craft Night (two hours)
Provide a fun craft activity with one of the residential buildings. Make collages, photo albums, bracelets or a food craft like decorating cookies. Not only are craft projects fun for the girls, they provide positive stimulation that is key to their recovery.

Spa Night (two hours)
Provide manicures and pedicures for one of the residential buildings. The girls, like most teenagers, love to be pampered and are really into the latest nail art trends.

Pizza & Movie Night (three hours)
Provide pizza dinner with snacks and drinks and a movie for one of the residential buildings on campus.

Campus Beautification Night (four-six hours)
Looking for a great team-building exercise for your corporate or social group? Come to Vista Maria and help us keep our buildings and grounds beautiful and comforting for our children. Campus Beautification teams help with landscaping, painting (indoor and outdoor) and a variety of other needs around campus. Please give us at least a week’s notice to plan your group’s event.

Contact Jessica Marcetti at (313) 271-3050 x114