At just 18 years old, Zee had already navigated a life filled with upheaval, spending most of her time in foster care, separated from her biological siblings. As she aged out of the system, she found herself lacking the support she needed to transition into independent adulthood, so she started searching for a safe, stable space to heal. And like her sister before her, Zee put her trust in our transitional living program, where she’s started her journey toward mental wellness by learning essential life skills, pursuing education, securing employment and finding ways to embrace her individual worth.

“The ultimate plan is to grow and become my best self,” Zee shared, highlighting her aspirations, dedication to therapy and commitment to self-care strategies.

However, with the goal of attending college in the fall, Zee set another goal for herself: securing a reliable vehicle would help her commute to both work and school, as public transportation and expensive ride-sharing services were depleting almost all her hard-earned income.

Recognizing this obstacle, we reached out to Phoemale – a nonprofit based in Grosse Pointe Farms – to see if they’d be willing to collaborate on a charitable act. Dedicated to empowering women who have overcome domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or homelessness, they enthusiastically worked with us to find a vehicle and transform this young woman’s life – granting her the means to pursue her aspirations and continue down the road to personal and professional success.

From all of us here at Vista Maria, we’re sending an enormous amount of gratitude to Phoemale, and we’re wishing Zee absolutely nothing but the best.