Academic Services

Residents in our treatment programs attend Clara B. Ford Academy which provides year-round junior and high school education and academic services. Vista Meadows Academy offers quality, alternative high school education to at-risk youth from the community with a focus on credit recovery and high school graduation.

Clara B. Ford Academy

Clara B. Ford Academy (CBF) provides an innovative learning environment integrating treatment and academic goals for students in grades 5–12 who are placed at Vista Maria in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Clara B. Ford Academy strives to treat, heal, and educate its students.

We teach students self-regulation skills and social skills that can help them control their emotions, make more responsible choices, and get along with others.

Vista Meadows Academy

Vista Meadows is an alternative high school dedicated to helping students achieve the dream of graduation. Their goal is to create a positive learning community that teaches students how to participate in making decisions, and fosters strong work ethic and outstanding academic performance. From more traditional classroom style instruction, to vocational training and their combination online/seat time program, the staff is helping students prepare for success after high school. The small high school set within the campus of Vista Maria provides support for student achievement both in the classroom and beyond.

Unique Qualities of Vista Meadows Academy:

  1. Large closed campus
  2. Small class sizes
  3. Vocational training and online course options
  4. After-school programming and extracurricular activities