Human Trafficking – Survivor Focused Healing & Care

Courage to heal and realize a life beyond trauma

Every year, thousands of young women suffer the horrors of being sexually exploited. At Vista Maria, we are fearless in our commitment to keep them safe and make them strong – bringing wholeness and possibility to those who need it most.

Vista Maria has always been a place of healing and restorative relationships for young survivors in need. We provide a full continuum of care to address the unique needs of young trafficking survivors — from our residential services, to health and wellness, and foster care when appropriate.

Our 16 bedroom DeRoy Hall opened in 2014 to address the unique needs of adolescent female trafficking survivors. We continue to expand on our campus with new stabilization housing and an Emergency Intake Wing, which centers on the girl’s safety and care by bringing law enforcement, medical, legal, and protective services professionals to her in our secure and familiar surroundings.

Vista Maria’s WINGS Program is a beacon of hope and healing for adolescent survivors of human trafficking, offering a comprehensive and survivor-centered approach to their recovery. Fueled by a fearless heart, the program goes beyond trauma, providing care, support, and education to help survivors ignite a life of possibilities.

This trauma-informed treatment program is rooted in a courageous and compassionate philosophy, offering mental health stabilization through individualized psychiatric and therapy sessions led by licensed clinicians and certified trauma specialists. Recognizing the unique needs of survivors, Vista Maria offers creative therapy groups, including art, music, and dance, to support the healing process. This is complemented by experiential activities promoting health, self-care, and the building of healthy relationships.

WINGS also focuses on community reintegration, empowering survivors with life skills development, continuation of education, and community outings. The program is committed to mentoring survivors at each step, as they develop the skills needed for independent living, employment, and leadership.

The WINGS program aims to break the cycle of trauma, offering survivors the tools and opportunities to thrive in their journey toward recovery and self-discovery.

Wings Program Flyer

The more we can encourage victims to safely come forward and ensure their fair and dignified treatment, the more likely we are to develop the strongest evidence to hold their traffickers accountable.

Dana Nessel