PREA Requirements

Achieving Compliance With The Prison Rape Elimination Act

In 2022, Vista Maria completed the Juvenile Justice Residential Facility Sexual Abuse Data Census Survey. Data was measured in the following areas: non-consensual sexual acts, abusive sexual contacts, youth and staff sexual harassment, and staff sexual misconduct. Vista Maria was pleased to report zero substantiated complaints of Staff-on-Resident sexually abusive contact. In addition, Vista Maria reported zero substantiated cases of resident-on-resident sexually abusive contact and zero unsubstantiated cases of resident-on-resident sexually abusive contact.

Vista Maria encourages all youth, staff, volunteers, and the public to report any potential suspected or actual sexual abuse or any type of abuse or neglect. For such allegations, a report can be filed directly with Child Protective Services at (855) 444-3911.

Attached is a copy of Vista Maria’s PREA policy regarding understanding and maintaining PREA compliance.

For additional resources, contact Vista Maria at (313) 271-3050