Diversity & Inclusion

Our Approach – Restoring Hope

Vista Maria is an agency of people who are united by our mission of service and restoration of youth, families and communities. We work to stand united against social injustices of racism, abuse, exploitation and poverty. Our values guide how we work and respect one another. These values include individual worth, mercy and compassion, reconciliation and zeal for all people and to never give up on serving, changing and improving. We are called to speak up and out about injustices and be open to discuss diversity, inclusion and racial discrimination. Our foundress Sister Mary Euphrasia, a bold, Renaissance woman who initiated ministries around the globe in the 1800s said, “If you do not speak out, if you do not sound the alarm when it is needed, you will be justly convicted by your silence.”

Vista Maria as individuals and a team must continue to work collaboratively to speak out and fight against injustice. We believe that every child and person is unique and invaluable. The emphasis on equality is built into the very foundation of our work, and we will not be silent while there is pain, suffering and trauma. We are united in the fight against systems that enable oppression. As Vista Maria employees and Good Shepherd people, we work together in solidarity to respond to the injustices that befall individuals, families and communities. Every day we commit ourselves to be agents of new, positive change.

We work with children in our care to rise above where they have been, and use their experiences to help them heal and grow. Our nation has not finished learning from the past, and we need to be ambassadors to ensure that moving forward the right stories are told, the right voices are heard, and real change occurs. Change begins with each person and we cannot wait for others to lead.

The Vista Maria leaders, staff, and volunteers will continue to be a reconciling presence for those in our care, to affirm the dignity of all people, to empower others and confront oppressive and unjust structures and systems. It is our calling to help restore youth, families and communities.