What We Do

At Vista Maria we know what it takes to overcome the challenges of abuse and trauma, and move forward.

What began 140 years ago as a home for girls and women in need has evolved to encompass mental health services, foster care and adoption, and secure care for the survivors of human trafficking, along with a focus on education, independent living, and advocacy for the welfare of children.

Vista Maria embraces a trauma-informed approach — understanding that all people have experienced traumatic events, yet it is through an understanding of trauma and restorative relationships that we instill hope and enable healing within each child and family.

Human Trafficking – Survivor Focused Healing & Care

On the forefront of full-continuum healing and care for young survivors.

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Foster Care & Adoption

Families bringing love and security so that every child knows their worth.

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Mental Health Residential Treatment Programs

Highly individualized continuum of care in a residential setting.

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Journey to Success

Assist at-risk teens to become positive, productive and contributing members of their communities.

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Transitional & Independent Living

Residential care and space to grow for girls and young women.

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Academic Services

Empowering with education at Clara B. Ford Academy and Vista Meadows Academy on our campus.

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Our Philosophy of Care

As a nonprofit service agency, Vista Maria is on an unrelenting quest to provide the best care and support for vulnerable children and families. Our Philosophy of Care provides us clear alignment in our daily services and strategic growth.

  • VALUES MATTER – Our values unite us in action to deliver quality care, support and treatment for our youth, families and each other.
  • FAMILIES UNITED – We unconditionally accept and believe in the power of families and communities. Communities are built one strong family at a time.
  • EDUCATION IS POWER – Education creates opportunities, builds partnerships and empowers everyone.
  • COMPASSION FOR ONE ANOTHER – True healing comes from the collective actions and efforts of each of us taking the first step to care for one another and to build supportive relationships within our teams, families and communities.

Every day I was at Vista Maria, I felt stronger and healthier than the day before. Now, I enjoy school again and feel more alive than ever before. My future is bright, and I see myself successful and, most of all, happy.

Vista Maria Client, 2023