Journey to Success

Journey to Success is a comprehensive extracurricular program developed within Vista Maria’s Integrative Behavioral Health treatment approach to empower and embolden our youth while in our care. Journey to Success provides a healthy, constructive and safe space where youth can receive the education, skills and support needed to continue on to higher education and/or employment. It supplements school education with additional tutoring, college and high school exam prep and homework assistance, as well as additional academic and recreational enrichment activities.

Youth ages 11–18 are offered a wide range of extracurricular workshops to explore subjects they help identify. Recent workshops have included robotics, web design and programming, graphic design, business etiquette, photography, 4-H and many others. Journey to Success also focuses on physical health and well-being. We offer recreational sports and activities such as soccer, basketball and volleyball, and health and nutrition-focused workshops centered on making responsible choices.

All workshops and classes are conducted in 6—8 week program cycles, providing 3-hour sessions Monday through Thursday and occasional Saturdays during the academic year. Youth in the program also participate in occasional field trips to supplement their learning and expose them to new and healthy experiences.

The overall mission of Journey to Success is to inspire our youth to foster ownership of their individual futures, while connecting and supporting them as they learn and grow in their minds, bodies and spirits.

Journey to Success Services

  • Transition to Independent Process (TIP)
  • My Life My Choice – human trafficking awareness and prevention
  • Vista Maria Salon – on-campus service for youth
  • Expressive Therapies – music, art, creative writing and nutrition classes
  • Recreation and Wellness – yoga, pop-up cardio, swimming, zumba, dance and basketball
  • DREAM Mentor – DREAM Mentors work with groups of residential youth in developing life skills and goal setting as they build their ownership and love for their education and career journeys.


Value Education

  • Provides value-based programming focused around our Core Values and the teaching of Sister Mary Euphrasia
  • Provides additional 1:1 support with youth
  • Provides religious and spiritual support for all backgrounds
  • Provides self-care education and wellness skill building
  • Provides a listening ear and comfort to those in need