Due to popular demand, I had planned on another video featuring my dog CeCe to go with this email. However, the best plans sometimes go awry…and instead, we’ve spent the last several days taking care of her after she came down with a nasty gastrointestinal illness. Out of desperation, we brought her to the emergency vet clinic, and they informed us that the stress of our recent move was a likely factor. CeCe is a beautiful pup but has always been a bit of a nervous Nellie. Since we moved a few weeks ago to a temporary apartment while we’re waiting for our new home to be available, she has been pacing, barking a lot, and sometimes even skipping a meal. All we can do is give lots of pets and treats, and hope when we get to our new house she settles in quickly when we have all our familiar house “stuff” there.

The experience with CeCe made me reflect on how hard change can be, even when it is expected and positive. Kids and pets are just more honest about how a big change can really impact our well-being. Those of us in the “adult” category tend to tough it out and minimize the anxiety and discomfort we feel when things are new and uncertain. Although everyone at Vista Maria has been incredibly welcoming, I’m sure that the CEO transition from Angela to me may have some folks feeling a bit worried.  Angela has been an incredible leader and a steady presence over many years. I’m new and not predictable yet!

To help with the transition, I’m going to send out a weekly email like this for the foreseeable future. Besides giving regular updates, each one will have a theme.  Please send me a note if you have a theme suggestion, or a question you’d like me to address.  I’ll do my best to answer.

Speaking of the CEO transition- it is going well.  Angela has been graciously downloading years of knowledge.  After this week, she will begin working from home on a few projects and continue to help me onboard. She and I plan to meet frequently until the end of May- and she is just a call away if I have a question. I’m very grateful for the time with her, and your patience as I get to know Vista Maria.  What you will notice is that Angela will not be on our campus very often after this week, and that I will begin to step fully into my new role. We are planning a celebration for Angela in May so we will have the opportunity to say “thank you”- stay tuned for details!

By the way- CeCe is feeling much better. Turns out that time, love, and reassurance can help even fussy pups adjust. 😊