One of the things I love best about kids is how they haven’t learned to be subtle; they just say what first comes to mind. This past Sunday I arrived at DeRoy Hall for a 4-hour shift, and as I let myself in the door several youth were sitting around the TV watching a show.  They turned, looked at me quizzically, and one blurted out, “Who are you? And why are you here?”.  After introducing myself as Megan and explained I worked at Denis as an administrator- they shrugged, decided I was there because we were short staffed, and let me blend in with the others. Because I’m so new and many people don’t recognize me yet, I was inadvertently an “undercover boss”.

I really enjoyed the afternoon, especially when we went to the park. Sunday was a lovely day, and the youth played on the equipment and listened to music in the sunshine. In those moments, all the reasons that brought them to Vista Maria were in the background, and they were just kids enjoying themselves. Later, one asked to paint my nails (see picture) and shared hopes for the future. I looked around and realized that nearly every youth had some sort of individual attention from staff. I realize that is by design- but it also struck me how our attention to individual needs provides the caring relationships these youth need to really heal. Perhaps it’s what St. Mary Euphrasia meant when she said, “A person is of more value than the whole world”. I felt grateful for the moment, for all of you, and to be here to support our mission. Thank you for supporting and caring about each individual youth, every day.

Speaking of being an undercover boss…I’d like to be less of a stranger around here. Please join us next Friday afternoon for the CEO Meet and Greet at the CFRC. Looking forward to connecting with you for food and some fun! 😊